Swimmers Best Power Bags

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Swimmers Best Power Bags are the most versatile resistance training you will find. Use on feet, calves, forearms, hips, parachute, & kickboard drag (Note only the PB40 size fits on Kickboards, not PB25 light).

Each set of Power Bags Include:

  • 2 bags
  • 2 strap belts
  • Each bag has 2 straps – 1 red non-elastic (ideal for around ankles) and 1 black elastic (best for the top of calves or over elbows)
Sizing Info

PB25 - Light

  • For novice swimmers
  • Medium resistance
  • Ideal for timed sets and to train a new kick
  • Best for ages 12 and under

PB40 - Medium

  • For advanced swimmers
  • Great for most workouts
  • Ideal for very strong competitive swimmers such as advanced high school and college
  • Best for ages 13 and up that swim 10+ hours per week

PB50 - Expert

  • For expert swimmers
  • Only recommended for college and Olympians

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