Rewards Program Terms and Conditions - (Updated 1/19/24)

Xtreme Swim, Inc is excited to offer our customers the Xtreme Swim Rewards loyalty program, which offers our customers loyalty benefits as part of their member accounts.

Please read these Rewards Program Terms and Conditions carefully. By participating in the rewards program, you agree to be bound by these program terms. If you do not agree to these program terms, do not participate in the program. Your continued use of the Program constitutes acceptance of these terms.

These terms for the Xtreme Swim Rewards program supplement the Xtreme Swim Terms of Service policy and any disputes arising from these program terms will be subject to the Xtreme Swim Terms of Service.

1. Eligibility for Membership
2. How to Enroll
3. Earning Store Credit Rewards
4. Using Rewards
5. Customer Service
6. Restrictions and Termination
7. Changes to the Rewards Program

1. Eligibility for Membership
a. Legal residents of the United States above the age of 18 are eligible for rewards program membership.
b. The rewards program is only offered for personal use. It is not available to corporations, groups, commercial customers, or customers purchasing for commercial use or resale except those expressly granted permission to do so as part of our team & pool partner program.
c. Individuals may have only one account, and account sharing or sharing of account rewards loyalty codes between individuals is prohibited.

2. How to Enroll
a. By creating an Xtreme Swim customer account and providing a valid email address and full name at the time of registration, and agreeing to the Xtreme Swim terms of service, privacy policy, and by extension the terms of this program you are automatically enrolled into the Xtreme Swim Rewards program.
b. As a member it is your duty to ensure the accuracy of personal contact information in your account and that it is current, and to notify us of any unauthorized use of your account.

3. Earning Store Credit Rewards
a. As part of the Xtreme Swim Rewards program you will earn 5% of your cart subtotal in online store credit which is automatically applied to your membership rewards number upon the successful completion of your purchase, except on gift cards or items clearly marked as ineligible for Xtreme Swim Rewards.
b. In order to earn rewards you must be signed into your rewards-eligible member account at the time of purchase during checkout.
c. Full payments made using gift cards or store credit do not earn additional credit. Partial payment with gift cards or store credit will reduce the cart subtotal, and the 5% rewards will be calculated based upon the cart subtotal after applied credit.
d. Shipping costs and taxes do not count towards store credit rewards.
e. Store credit rewards are only earned through online purchases. Purchases made in person or over the phone at the Xtreme Swim retail store do not contribute to your Xtreme Swim Rewards program store credit.

4. Using Rewards
a. To use your rewards, enter the Loyalty Code associated with your member account in the gift card / promo code section of the checkout process. Any store credit balance available on your member account will be applied to the purchase price of your order.
b. Your Loyalty Code can be found on the red floating rewards widget in the bottom left of the store, or by pressing the See Store Credit button on your account page.
c. You are responsible for keeping your account and loyalty code private. Do not share your loyalty code with others. Xtreme Swim is not responsible for suspicious or unauthorized use of your loyalty code or customer account.
d. Your loyalty code and store credit balance associated with your member account can not be used for in-store or over the phone retail store purchases.
e. Xtreme Swim is unable to apply Rewards credit to your order post purchase. 

5. Customer Service
a. We are available by email or by phone if you feel your store credit was not properly applied after purchase, or have other questions regarding the rewards program, products, or your account.
b. If for whatever reason you would like to opt out of the rewards program or cancel your account Xtreme Swim customer service will be able to assist.
c. If for some reason you lose access to your account with rewards credit we can assist with recovery after verifying your identity. If the account information on file is incorrect or we deem information provided insufficient to prove identity, we may not be able to recover your account.
d. Retail store sales staff are unable to assist or access your rewards or other online account information, including rewards balance, account recovery, or previous online purchases. Please call ahead if you would like to receive in-person support for online activity so we can better assist you.

6. Program Restrictions and Termination
a. Violation of any of these rewards programs terms and conditions, or the wider Xtreme Swim terms of service, will result in termination of your account and cancellation of any rewards credit without notice.
b. The program may not be used for resellers or commercial use, except in cases explicitly approved as part of our partner program.
c. Rewards may not be transferred or sold.
d. We reserve the right to terminate customer accounts and customer rewards for any reason and without notice.

7. Changes to the Rewards Program
a. Xtreme Swim reserves the right to make changes to the rewards program and these rewards program terms and conditions at any time and without notice.
b. Any changes made to the rewards program or rewards program terms and conditions will be reflected on this terms and conditions page.
c. All interpretations of these rewards program terms and conditions are at the sole discretion of Xtreme Swim, and Xtreme Swim's decisions regarding the reward program and customer accounts are final. 
d. If the rewards program is discontinued or combined into another loyalty program, we will attempt to provide reasonable advance notice via the email registered to your customer account to allow you to use your existing rewards balance. If for whatever reason your account rewards balance is fully or partially unused you are not entitled to compensation. 
e. Continued use of your customer account and the rewards program indicates agreement to any changes to these rewards programs terms and conditions.